A Perspective on Bible Perspectives

A Perspective on Bible Perspectives

Relevant Magazine recently released the list of their top read articles of the year. My new “virtual pastor” (in as much as someone I’ve never met or interacted with except for reading what he writes can be a pastor to me!) and writting/blogging standard setter John Pavlovitz landed at number 5 with this article.

You may have contributed to his high rank and have already read it. If you are like me and have only recently started following him or haven’t read any of his writing yet, this is a great place to start.

5 Things I Wish Christians Would Admit About the Bible. 

“The words in the Bible point to someone for whom words simply fail. The words give us some frame of reference, but ultimately, God is far too big to be contained in those words.” -JP

When I first began to wrestle with my identity more openly, I made the statement that I didn’t believe my faith was big enough to handle this. Someone who heard me say it responded that perhaps it wasn’t my faith that was to small, but my God was too small – or at least the box in which I held God. 

I recently wrote in the post “Bring Down These Idols” where I assert that our understanding of the Bible has become an idol. This article from John does a great job of explaining why I believe that to be the case.
(Commenting on the article is closed so I had to get my two cents in here!)

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