A Rocking Fundraiser!!

A Rocking Fundraiser!!

All through my life, my parents have been a valuable part of my journey. That didn’t change when I began this process of affirmation. While we don’t agree on many things – from politics to theology – we are able to focus on the things we still share. Things like a love of life, compassion, and desire to grow in our passion for God and all that is God’s. We can agree without question that “All God’s Children Have a Place in the Choir.”

Dad retired from the Navy just before I graduated from high school and then again from the TVA a few years ago. From my earliest memories, he has been a skilled craftsman – doing things with a block of wood and a saw that kept is in beds, entertained and enjoying life. After the second retirement, he purchased a business building custom rocking horses. They renamed the business Rocky Top Rocking Horses, he built the shop of his dreams and they have not looked back!

On my recent visit to Tennessee they were able to come hear me speak at The Rock MCC in Chattanooga. After that message, they offered to donate a horse to Sophia Sojourn for us to auction off. I got to design and paint it and now you get to bid on it! The proceeds are going to hope with some upcoming travel engagements and your donation will be tax deductible.

Click here for the ebay auction to bid on the horse and help us move forward!

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