B.O.A.T. Talks – E1P1

B.O.A.T. Talks – E1P1

The first part of the first episode of B.O.A.T. Talks is now up both here on the blog as well as on my brand new YouTube channel. If you hurry you can be one of the fist 10 to subscribe which will earn you an enduring place in my heart!

There are a few technical issues the need to be worked out, but all in all it’s a good start.

John Featherston is the pastor of Serenity Church in The Colony Texas. When I was looking for a new church home where I could explore questions about my faith and myself, God brought me to Serenity. The atmosphere of love, compassion and freedom that has been cultivated among that piece of Christ’s body is refreshing. My four part interview with John explores why that happens.

Don’t forget you can buy or download John’s book, Never Alone Again, from Amazon.com!

You can also see my review on GoodReads by clicking here!

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