B.O.A.T. Talks – Episode 3

B.O.A.T. Talks – Episode 3

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I’m so excited to finally post Episode 3, parts 1 & 2 of B.O.A.T. Talks. Sara Cunningham has quickly becomes one of my closest friends. It was fun to get to talk to her and hear her story I hope you enjoy too. Stay tuned for parts 3 & 4 and be sure to visit the B.O.A.T. Talks page to see previous episodes!

Episode 3 – Part 1 – Sara Cunningham: Bio and the book

B.O.A.T. Talks is on the road in Oklahoma City talking with my dear friend Sara Cunningham, author of How We Sleep at Night.We mention several resources in these conversations, here are some links:

Episode 3 – Part 2 – Sara Cunningham: Objectives

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