Here are some resources I refer to in various discussions and/or have read and recommend. Please note that I don’t agree with all the resources here, but they are notable to the conversation at hand. I’ll make “brief” comments to help distinguish them. 

This list will be growing as I have more time add items.  If a book isn’t on the list either 1) I haven’t had time to add it yet or 2) I haven’t read it. Feel free to message me with suggested readings; I’ll add them to the wish list.

Brownson, James V. “Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships”  (Eerdmans, 2013) One of the most through affirming texts on the topic.

Beattie, MelodyCodependents’ Guide to the Twelve Steps” (Touchstone, 1992) This was my guide on my first journey through the 12 steps. It’s a great insight to both the steps and codependency.

Cloud, Henry & Townsend, JohnBoundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No” (Zondervan, 2008) This was a lifesaver in so many ways. Read it. Everyone. Period.

Cunningham, Sara “How We Sleep at Night” (2014) This is a great read for any parent of an LGBTQ child (or a LGBTQ child trying to relate to their parents!) Be on the look out for Sara’s next book. (no pressure, my friend!)

Defrenza, Megan “Sex Difference in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God” (Eerdmans, 2015) An important and unique work on understanding gender in scripture.

Enns, Peter “The Sin of Certainty” (Harper One, 2016) While not directly related to LGBTQ issues, this is a great text for helping give a new perspective on how we relate to God and one another through scripture. Be ready to have some assumptions challenged! Be sure to check out other offerings by Enns as well.

Evans, Rachel Held “Faith Unraveled” (Zondervan, 2014) If you are just beginning this process of refinding your faith with new perspectives, this is a highly relatable text that will help you ask the right question. It’s the book that helped me see my own addiction to answers and let God a little further out of the box I kept him in.

Evans, Rachel Held “Searching for Sunday” (Zondervan, 2015) This is an honest new look at rethinking church by looking at the traditional sacraments. If you’re burned out on church, but are willing to see it in a new light, this is a must read!

Gushee, David “Changing Our Minds” (Read the Spirit Books, 2015) Gushee is a professor of Christian Ethics who has taken the discussion on LGBTQ issues and Christianity to new levels.

Medly, PiaFacing Codependence” (Harper & Row, 1989) This is a very early work on this topic. While helpful, I would avoid it in favor of more recent publications by Pia or Melody Beattie.

Ortman, Dennis C.Transcending Post Infidelity Stress Disorder” (Celestial Arts, 2011) While this didn’t apply directly to my divorce, there were many principals here that helped with healing from both the betrayal and guilt I felt. 

Vines, Matthew “God and The Gay Christian” (Convergent Books, 2015) A summary of Matthew’s personal research into the topic, this is the text that launched The Reformation Project.

Yarhouse, Mark “Understanding Gender Dysphoria”  (IVP Academic, 2015) Yarhouse is a somewhat controversial voice in this discussion. In general I don’t agree with his conclusions. The preface to my book is a reframing of his “lenses” through which Christians look at LGBTQ people and topics. But in navigating gender and faith, he is commonly read and quoted so it’s work the read. He has several works on gender and sexual identity; this is the only one I’ve read. Let the publisher (InterVarsity) be a clue as to where he stands on this issue. 

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