Blog and Book, the "After School Special"

Blog and Book, the "After School Special"

So I was very busy not sleeping just now and noticed this going on in my head:

Book: Hi, Blog!
Blog: Hi, Book. What are you doing here?
Book: Oh, just thought I’d take a walk and see what’s going on.
Blog: Ok, you’ve seen it. Now go back to the hard drive or hang out in a cloud, wherever you are supposed to be.
Book: In a minute – so these are the people that are going to read me?
Blog: No – these are the people that read me – no one is going to read you if you don’t get back to storage so you can be finished, edited and published.
Book: Edited? You never get edited. How is that fair?
Blog: I’m special. I get to have free thought which requires little to no editing. You will be more permanent and some day get dusty on a shelf. You must be edited. Ha!
Book: <feelings hurt> Why don’t you like me?
Blog: <Sigh> – It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just that Laura Beth has been spending so much time with you and I feel, well, neglected.
Book: Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. I have been a bit difficult lately.
Blog: It’s not your fault. I did get that nice birthday post and a few others last week.
Book: And more people are reading you this month than ever before!
LB: <enters via keyboard> Hey there, you two! What’s going on here?
Blog: Nothing, just two siblings bonding with each other. Ha, ha, ha!
Book: Don’t you mean “binding” with each other? Oh, I forgot – you’ll never have a binding!
Blog: You mean I’ll never need a binding!
LB: Ok, ok cool it off. Book what are you out of the cloud?
Blog: That’s what I said – “go back to the cloud or the hard drive or whatever” and book was all like “noooo, I want to take a walk, I want to look at the readers….”
Book: Well Blog was getting all like “Laura Beth doesn’t spend time with me, I’m so much better cause I never get edited, blah blah blah…”
LB: Simmer down, both of you. No harm done. Book, I’ll see you sometime tomorrow, but you need to get back to safe storage and regular back-ups before you get some punctuation out of order.
Book: Alright, see you later.
LB: And Blog, are you really jealous of the time I’m spending with Book?
Blog: well…
LB: I think you need to spend some time unraveling your thought distortions and stop “people pleasing” me. Haven’t you been reading yourself?
Blog: I know, I’ll go sit and review some old posts while I wait on tomorrow’s reader stats.
LB: (to readers) Book and Blog both learned important lessons today. Book discovered that it’s hard to be patient and wait for our “moment”, but in the end some good editing will make us better for everyone to read. Blog was reminded that just because someone is distracted and busy with other things, doesn’t mean they no longer appreciate us or value our contributions.

Stay tuned to Blog and for more information about Book and how you can help get it out of the cloud and in to print! (And while you’re at it, stop by and “like” their cousin, FB Page!)

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