Blog & Book's After School Special #2

Blog & Book's After School Special #2


Blog: Well, hello there, Book!

Book: Oh, hi blog. I didn’t see you there.

Blog: What’s got your spine sagging tonight – oh wait, you don’t have a spine yet, HA!

Book: Ha, ha – very humorous. Or as you would say “humerous” with your lack of editing and all.

Blog: Ok, ok – you’ve made your point. What are you doing out here anyway?

Book: I actually came, I mean – I want to – well – I need to ask you a question.

Blog: Oh this is going to be rich. Fire away bookster.

Book: I’ve been hearing rumors that I’ll be going on a trip soon.

Blog: That’s true. Laura Beth is going to send you to the Big House for final edits as soon as FB Page and GoFundMe Account say things are ready.

Book: Oh yea, the cousins. How are they?

Blog: Just fine – stay on point – your not….scared are you?

Book: Nooo! It’s just that I’ve been sitting in the cloud for most of my life and it’s getting pretty comfortable up there. What if people don’t like me at “the Big House”?

Blog: Let me put your fears to rest: OF COURSE some people aren’t going to like you.

Book: REALLY not helping, Blog!

Blog: Listen kid…

Book: ummm – you are only 9 months older than me…

Blog: whatever…my point is – I’ve literally been around the world – black and white and read all over, if you know what I mean.

Book: no one ever really knows what you mean.

Blog: But that’s just it. We get to be us and some people won’t get it – but others – they are going to love you. That’s what you have to focus on.

LB: Hey, kids!

Book: Again with the “kids”?

LB: Well, you came out of my brain – I can call you both “kids” if I want to. What are you talking about?

Blog: Book is nervous about taking her first trip to the Big House.

LB:  I’m sure it doesn’t help that you keep calling it “The Big House”. Besides, there is nothing to worry about. The folks at Create Space are very professional editors. You’ll be in great hands, just as soon as funds arrive. Besides, it’s not your first trip.

Book: Really?

LB: Sure – you went with our friends to New Mexico for your first editing, you’ve hung out in Ohio and Dallas for some preview work. You’re more ready for this than you realize.

Book: Are you ready for this, LB?

LB: (Fighting back the tears) Do we really have to talk about that!!

Book is learning that growing up can be hard to do. But it is an adventure well worth taking. All she has to do is remember that her family – LB, Blog, FB Page, etc. – and friends – the artists and editors who have helped her grow up and all those who have and will support her along the way – will never give up on her. As for Blog, well sometimes she is just a spoiled Brat. There is really no redeeming that.

If you would like to be part of Book’s circle of friends, please visit her cousin, GoFundMe Account, by clicking here. We’ve set a goal to raise $500 toward our larger goal in the next five days – bringing the total near $1000! Please help us reach that goal by preordering the book.

(Click here to bud in on the first conversation between Blog & Book and be sure to check out the “My Book” tab on the menu bar for more information about “Shattering Masks”)

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