Book Review: The Rock Creek Series

Book Review: The Rock Creek Series

Kindness is making a comeback.

It’s not disguised as political correctness or bathed in religious overtones. It’s just pure, heartfelt compassion for a friend, neighbor or even stranger. It’s unfortunate that it takes a chaotic and at times hostile political and cultural climate for that surface, and still, here it is. On my social media feeds, in news articles, and sometimes even on the streets in front of me.

love is patient 2It’s been a while since I wrote a book review. It’s honestly been a while since I finished reading a book (I’m in the middle of several). It’s been even longer since I read anything in a fiction genre. Because of that, this series has been a deep breath of fresh air for me personally. Holli takes us back to a time when survival meant something completely different than it does today. It was an era when community and compassion were not a luxury, they could be a matter of life and death. Drawing on her own experience growing up in rural Oklahoma as well as extensive research of the region and time period

love is faithful 2Set in the late 1800’s, the books give us a bird’s eye view of a young family overcoming challenges through pure determination and an ever-growing faith in God and each other. Taking on a broad spectrum of topics such as loss, adoption, domestic violence, trauma, and addiction the stories reveal an equally dark and light side of us as humans. One of the things I enjoy most about the progression that unfolds in the three books is not only getting to see the characters develop, but also to see the author’s own personal and spiritual journey unfold in the characters themselves.

love is kind 2Patients, faith, kindness: they are all still just as essential to our growth and survival as they were a century ago. If you are looking for a good escape and inspiration to continue on the path to giving genuine kindness a comeback, spend some quality time with Beth Ann and Jacob Hill. I hope they inspire you to bold, simple love and kindness as deeply as they have me.

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