Diving In

Diving In

dive_right_in_33With summer in full swing and us hanging around around lots of water I’ve had the opportunity to teach my 10 year old some of my old diving techniques.

Let me clarify that statement: by “old” I mean sufficiently aging, not nearly as old as some of you could claim; by “diving” I mean that the hands and head hit the water before the knees and feet, no threat to the USA Summer Olympic hopefuls here; and by “techniques” I mean the process whereby the fewest parts of the body are exposed to potential injury.

I actually love teaching. The challenge of taking concepts and communicating them with words and illustrations and challenging the learner to properly interpret them is very rewarding. There are some things however that just require demonstration. So for the first time in a couple of decades I pulled out a few pool moves. The basic jack-knife, a forward flip, a simple reverse dive. I still had them all…mostly.

There were a few things apparently have changed over the years. I’m evidently not as limber as I once was. Bending and flying even for a moment does not come as fluidly as it once did. Also, I don’t know if my skin is getting thinner or if I’m just less inclined to tolerant needless pain, but every slap on the water from an over rotation or bent knee stuck with me longer than I remember.

Perhaps the most significant difference came to the upper body. With hormones being what they are these days, suffice it to say the aqua-dynamics of my upper torso are more pronounced than they used to be. Not overly so, but plenty enough to introduce some diving pain I had not previously experienced. One of the many unexpected consequences of the changes that have been happening!

The good news is that the youngest offspring is taking to the diving like a champ. Perhaps TEAM USA should be put on notice.

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