Easter Sunset: The First New Day

Easter Sunset: The First New Day

So much attention is given to sunrise on Easter. The narrative in scripture does a great job of detailing the events and even some of the emotions that were hanging in the air as the Sabbath ended, the sun came up and the questions about life after Jesus became very, very real. His followers could be certain that nothing was going to happen on the day of worship, especially during the passover celebration. But that safety net was gone. If the “stuff”, as they say, was going to hit the fan, it may well be today.

It hit the fan alright, but not in the way that they expected! An inspection of the grave proved it to be empty. The testimony of an angel confirmed what Jesus himself had predicted, he had risen from the dead. He appeared to his disciples, he satisfied the doubts of Thomas. They saw him, touched him, heard him and felt his presence just as they had for the last three or so years.

Then the sun begins to set and they try and settle in for the night. What had been anticipation based in fear, became anticipation anchored in hope! I can only imagine the adrenaline that was raging in their bodies as their imaginations combined with the memories of what Jesus had said. Mysteries began to unfold in their minds, things that seemed cryptic and distant suddenly became clear and made sense.

The sunrise was a time of confusion and change, but the sunset ushered in a season of hope that they had never experienced – one that lives on in our hearts and minds today!  


Happy Easter, 2015!


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