Giving (and Receiving)

Giving (and Receiving)

Thanksgiving Thursday…Black Friday…Small Business Saturday…Cyber Monday…and then, finally…Giving Tuesday.

I don’t know about you but just as much as the consumerism of the weekend gets under my skin, the guilt of not being able to give as much as I would like a kick in the gut that takes what little wind I had left out of me.

Giving is hard. Giving when you literally have nothing to give is even harder. My upbringing in the church is yelling loudly in my head right now, “It’s supposed to be hard, to come with sacrifice.” I get it. My spiritual health and maturity is allegedly tied up in my ability to give sacrificially – until it hurts. The reality is my life has not confirmed that claim. Sometime hurting just, well…hurts.

And don’t get me started on “getting back ten-fold” what we give. Despite the pleas of well-dressed charlatans who already have enough money to buy time on TV, I have seen nothing to validate the claim of a divine or universal accountant keeping tabs on our output and making sure our returns are sufficient. 

Here is what life has taught me:

A heart that is open to the needs of others and giving to meet those needs, is also open to having their own needs met in unique ways.

In other words, when we have a giving heart, we have a greater appreciation for the ways that our needs our provided for, financial or otherwise. I have been composing and recomposing this message for a couple of weeks now. The original intent of the text is below – and I do hope you will read it. Sophia Sojourn needs your generous giving as the year comes to an end and in the year to come.

But I have a tweet for you to share. It’s the best way I can use my resources to give this year:

Buy a copy of “Shattering Masks” by @sophiasojourn this week and proceeds will go to The Reformation Project.

Help me give what I can by sharing the link and buying a book. (copy and paste the text or just click it and tweet it!)

And, then – please consider supporting me in my work with Sophia Sojourn. Here’s that letter that I’ve wanted to send you. Thanks for taking the time to read it:

For all the chaos we have seen as a nation in 2016, I must say the year has been good to me; good to Sophia Sojourn. I released the book, speaking engagements and personal contacts are on the rise, and new projects are taking shape. I could not have imagined being here when this year started. 

We have a lot in the works at Sophia Sojourn this coming year. Some of it is still in the works and I’m not quite ready to talk about it, but there will be some major travels spreading hope and love, some more seminars and discussions surrounding LGBTQ inclusion, spiritual abuse and my own story, as well as two publishing projects and writing for my second book that I hope to release in 2018. And naturally more blogposts, v-log posts, and podcasts.

2017 will get a jumpstart with the release of “Unworthy by Welcome”, a collection of stories and insights from people in recovery at Serenity Church. I was honored to have my writing used for the back cover and the forward. Also as the year starts I’ll be sitting in with the worship band for the women’s retreat at the Gay Christian Network conference in Pittsburg and partnering with Sara Cunningham with an exhibit table. I hope to see many of you there!

My desire is to devote myself full time to this work. That’s going to require some help from you to keep me moving forward and make ends meet. We are a not-for-profit (and so far are very good at that!). I’m not here to get rich and famous off my writing or other projects. I am here to build a platform I can use to share my story, other’s stories, and build safer places where people currently in the margins can spiritually thrive. Please understand – ends are not meeting! Changes need to happen soon and my hope is that those changes all me to focus more on this work, not less.

Next year’s work starts now, as you consider what you can give as 2016 comes to a close, please keep Sophia Sojourn in mind.

Let’s make giving Tuesday be as loud a statement of hope as election day was of fear for so many of us.

To make a tax deductible donation to Sophia Sojourn safely using PayPal:

Click Here.

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