Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Happy Birthday, Sophia!


A year ago today I was struggling to truly find my voice. My friend, Rita, had come over for dinner on the boat. As we talked through the evening, she encouraged me to write. I had randomly posted some thoughts in some Facebook groups that she thought were share worthy. I wasn’t necessarily convinced, but I know that writing them had been therapeutic for me. I had set up blogs before, mostly for other people. It occurred to me that setting one up and writing in it was quite different that sharing it and having people actually read what I wrote. That night I stayed up, gathered some pictures and pieced together some pages. I needed a name for it. I has just recently had to name the boat; for that I tapped into my “journey into wisdom”: Sophia Sojourn. The name seemed to fit here as well.

A year ago today I was still learning to take care of me. In all fairness, I’m still learning this. But I didn’t have any delusions of saving the world through a blog or molding and shaping the ideas of a culture. I was writing to survive, and if someone else could use my words to help themselves survive, then all the better. It would be several months before I shared the blog beyond a handful of people. More than that before I opened it to the public and began tagging posts to make them easier to find. It’s only been in the last couple of months that I have stuck my toe in the water of observing more than my own life and commenting on current events or issues. It is still about me; mostly because its the only thing I truly feel qualified to talk about. But what has surprised me is how much of “me” crosses over into being about many of “you”. My struggles, hurts, questions and thoughts are not all that unique. But that’s what has motivated me to keep writing them; the resonate in more than just my own head.

A year ago today I was searching for a vision. Since then I’ve started back to school, drafted and am editing the book, launched the video portion of my blog, and am laying the foundation to talk with a bigger piece of both the Body of Christ and our culture at large about my own journey through gender and faith. It’s not that I someone became an expert on something in just a year, but rather in finding my way out of my own fears, I’ve realized I have the ability and responsibility to help others do the same. I’m in a unique position with a unique background to tell an all too familiar story. And I can’t wait to tell it.

In the year that has passed, Sophia Sojourn has gown to 142 (now 143) posts, had just shy of 14,000 views from 4,000 visitors representing 48 countries. In the grand scheme of the blogosphere, those are not really high numbers. I know bloggers who post those numbers in a month or even a week. I didn’t get into this for the numbers though. A few posts (my letter to Franklin Grahm) and a few events (affirming my identity on my old Facebook) caused the some surprising spikes in the numbers. Even still, I do hope the numbers continue to grow. Mostly because the more people that see and read my story, the more likely it will be that the one person out there who is suffering and hurting as I once did will read what i have to day. An maybe, in that one life it will make a difference. Knowing that can happen makes all the words worthwhile.

Happy Birthday, Sophia Sojourn!

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