Who do you think you are? It’s really more of a challenge from a school yard bully than a motivation to self-consideration. But it’s a question I’ve been asking myself quite a bit lately. Change will do that. It makes us look deep as the roots of all that is “normal” are pulled up and we strive to find a “new normal”; a place where we can exist in light of, not in spite of, the realities that have emerged and evolved around us.

There are several challenges to the “Who do you think you are?” question. For one thing, we are not just one thing. We are parents, spouses, employees, employers, hobbyists, professionals, thinkers, feelers…the list is only really limited by your willingness to let it expand. Furthermore, each of our identities is in a different stage of development. We cycle through these processes of learning, growing, understanding and assimilating new thoughts, ideas, perceptions and, dare I say, “truths” and “realities” into the fabric of our lives.

I talk a lot about “wholeness” in my posts. To me, wholeness is not about reaching the final stage of development in all of our known identities (in fact, it is rather unlikely that will happen), but rather being aware of where we are in the process and being content with allowing the process to happen. After reading several articles on the subject, I’ve pulled together this chart to help myself understand where I am on the road to wholeness.

There are way too many concepts addressed in this chart to give much detail to them in what is supposed to be a brief blog post, but as I write about this journey I will refer to the chart, the identities and the stages of growth. The chart will change (note the blank spaces and the question marks). Just like me, it’s a work in progress; constantly being shaped by self-discoveries, prayer, study and interaction with people around me.

So to that end, I welcome your questions, comments and feedback. (You don’t have to agree to comment, just please be respectful!)


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