Sophia Turns 100

We measure people by their age. We measure blogs by their volume. I’ve discovered is an important social skill to not get these confused. It’s OK to measure a blog by its age, but measuring people by their volume can be a MAJOR social misstep. With this post, Sophia Sojourn is marking its 100th post! […]

Year of the Sand Dollar

There is a ritual that it familiar to every military brat that I grew up with. Every two to three years the family is gathered around the table or in the living room. Dad (or Mom) has new orders. It’s time to pack up and go again. In our house this was usually met with […]

Sympathy Pains

Over the last couple of days it’s been an awesome privilege to spend an extra amount of time praying for the son of a friend as he had surgery to repair some intestinal issues. The fact that someone I know was going through this was enough to drive me to my knees, but the fact […]