Q&A#4 – about surgeries 

What about surgeries? Have you had any? Do you plan to have any? The need for surgery and other medical care is one of the differences between the “LGB” and “T” communities. There are several surgeries that transgender women often have. Some are more critical, some are considered “elective”. Among them are vaginoplasty (only a […]

Q&A#3 – name

Where did your name come from? O.K., I confess – no one has ever asked me this – and really why would they? However, I put a lot of thought into it so I’m going to answer the unasked question anyway. Picking a name is, after all, one of the best parts of the transgender […]

Q&A#2 – trans vs. gay

When did you realize you were gay? Wait, what? Gender identity and sexual identity are not the same issues. Although both deal with a departure from gender norms, GLB folk are usually very secure in their gender identity – it is whom they are attracted to that drives their sexual identity. T folk may be […]