Sights of Sophia 8/21/16

(I’m playing with some new blogging styles. My normal, everyday thought blogs are going to be videos posted to my YouTube channel and shared here. My written blogs are going to be stronger writing exercises I will be working through. I’ll also be launching the “Sounds of Sophia” podcast, which will include recorded versions of […]

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Tragedy strikes when ever and where ever it wants. There is noting we can do about that. If there is one thing I have learned in managing my symptoms of PTSD, it is that triggers of those symptoms are somewhat unpredictable and without a doubt unavoidable. The really confounding thing about tragedy and trauma is […]



The summer of 1992 I was working as a media specialist for a camp in the mountains out side of Los Angeles. Basically that meant I followed the events of the family camp as they unfolded during the week collecting clips of video. At the end of the week I edited the clips into a […]