mugs 12

Mugs #12

The semi-colon has become a symbol of those whose stories have not ended. This week 50 stories came to an abrupt, tragic end. At the same time countless stories are carrying on – on with the pain of loss, with memories that will never be made and hearts heavy with grief. But also carrying on […]


Mug Shots #11

There are seasons that levity is uncalled for. This is one of them. I have the picture for Mug Shot #10, made in the pre-dawn hours as the news from Orlando was breaking. I may publish it someday, or its absence may serve as a memorial to this tragedy. Tomorrow may find me back in […]


Mug Shots #7

Celebrating the first week of Mug Shots. In case you missed it here are the rules: #1: NEVER TALK ABOUT MUG SHOTS…wait, wrong list. Of course you can talk about them… #1: Not politically motivated #2: Not spiritually inspired #3: Not intentionally profound (I can’t help if you find it profound without my intending it […]


Mug Shots #6

You know that moment when the morning is so warm you take your coffee to the back porch and stick your feet in the water and then realize you’ve fed the turtles so many hotdogs that they think your toe is a hotdog but are so disappointed when it’s not they just sit on the […]


Mug Shots #5

I had dreams about editing last night. I’ve been doing a lot – A Lot – A LOT of of it. They were good dreams though. Lots of great people there. I woke up feeling good about people.


Mug Shots #3

Duck: 1. (noun) feather creatures gracefully swimming in my backyard 2. (verb) what I am supposed to do walking from the galley into the head (kitchen to the bathroom for you land-locked folks).