Launch Team Home

Launch Team Home

The moment has come

I realize it’s much more of a “moment” for me than it is for most of you, but I appreciate you celebrating with me. We are pressing forward – pun absolutely intended – and all is looking good for the release date.

Below you will find a link to down load the book. If you found this page, you should also have received the email with the password to open the file. A couple of things to keep in mind (I trust all of you with this work, but have been advised that this should be said. It feels like good advice):

1) Opening the PDF implies that you agree not to share this version of the book with anyone. It’s for your eyes only.

2) If someone else want’s a copy and for some reason can’t afford one, reach out to me. I’ll do what I can.

3) If you know someone else who is interested in reviewing the book, let me know and I’ll work with them directly. (It’s part of the marketing effort to know where the review copies are being sent)

4) Enjoy the book!! Not all of it is easy to take in, but its a journey that I am proud to call mine and just as proud to share with you.

****Click Here to Access The Book****

(The book is best views in 2 page mode if you have the option in your PDF reader)

Note: The final cover is not in the PDF. I thought I would leave a few surprises for you!

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