Looking Up

Looking Up

It’s been raining. A lot! And while I’m grateful for the water (the lake level is way up), I am ready for some sunshine. Just about 30 minutes before sunset tonight we had a break in the clouds and the sun broke out like it needed a run. The result was not one, but two full rainbows over the marina. It was a breath of fresh air.


It also got me to thinking – the rainbow is one of those few things that I can appreciate on many levels – scientifically, artistically, and spiritually.

Scientifically the fact that light is always holding all those colors and that as light interacts with water in the atmosphere it is broken down to its basic elements is a reminder that there is more going on around us in nature and life that we are usually aware – and it’s happening all the time!

Artistically, the rainbow is a great subject for everything from greeting cards to children’s rooms. It is at the same time peaceful and playful. It can be as simple as the colors in a arch or as mysterious as the clash of light and a rain cloud.

Spiritually, it is a promise. A promise that we will be sustained, cared for, watched over and loved; that there is more to our hearts, minds and souls than meets the eye; and that although our creator is powerful, we never need fear Him.


(One of my favorite boats in the marina happend to be in the maintenence yard!)

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