My Neighborhood Taxonomy

My Neighborhood Taxonomy

I have interesting neighbors. Some I see on a regular basis, others are quite shy and reclusive. Here is a list of who I’ve come across so far. I’ll add more as I meet them. It’s also a goal to get a good camera to I can post actual pictures from here at the lake. In the meantime, these stand-ins for the web will do!

There are quite literally dozens of these if not more than a hundred that hang out here. Do I smell orange sauce?

Namely Jack and Jill. If anyone actually knows how to tell the difference between a male and female coot, please leave a comment (Google was not so helpful). I can count on seeing these two morning, noon and night.

Grey and Great Blue Heron
The blue is much more common, but I’ve seen both. They are amazing to watch when they are hunting for breakfast or dinner. Usually pretty shy, there are a few that are getting used to me and don’t run off quite as quickly.

I’ve only seen them twice and both times it was in the water, swimming between the fingers of the docks. It looked pretty well fed and seemed to just be playing in the surge of warmer weather we have been having.

Also pretty shy, I’ve seen this one along the bank in the brush on a few occaisions. It looks pretty young, not much bigger than a full grown house cat, but the ears and tail are very distinctive. On one occasion it was enjoying a “foul” meal.

More to come!

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  1. I like the bobcat! I also have mallard neighbors….some landed in my pool the other day! The dogs were thrilled. Keep it up!

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