My Spiritual “Evolution"

My Spiritual “Evolution"

Things change with time. Regardless of where you fall on your views of how the first human’s came to exist, “evolution” is an easily documented phenomena that happens all around us, all the time. If it ever stops happening, we have a serious problem!

Our faith is no different. We will never arrive at a perfect place this side of heaven, in fact there is nothing that claims we won’t continue to grow once we get to heaven – only that we will be able to do it in unhindered fellowship with God. I’ve been going through many changes in my own faith and my hope is that this blog will be an effective place for me to document my ongoing spiritual “evolution”. (If you notice in my “Good Reads” column on the side bar, there is a book called “Faith Unraveled” by Rachel Held Evans where she digs much deeper into this idea – I HIGHLY recommend it!)

I became acutely aware of the changes on a short elevator ride the other day. There were three of us in the car. We only have three floors in the building so it was likely less than 20 seconds. One of two men was carrying a Bible. In the past this would have been an instant connection for me. I would have broken the ice with questions like “Did you have a study this morning?”, “Where are you reading these days?”, “Do you go to a church around here?” or “How about that Delilah, huh?” Instead, I felt what I perceived as a cold glare (keep in mind that as a chronic PeepP I’m “obligated” to assume the glare was about me and how I was disappointing this total stranger and had nothing to do with a bad cup of coffee or the horrible traffic and weather we were all in that morning). My gender identity – which is highly visible – was in a palpable conflict with the “Christian” identity he carried in his hands.

Next time I have the opportunity, I hope I have the wherewithal to say something. My curiosity and interest in other’s spiritual journeys hasn’t changed. My relationship with God has changed – it has become more honest, real and genuine. 20 seconds may be all He needs to evolve two hearts and lives just a bit further.

Queue the Musak.

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