Pride and Promises

Pride and Promises

Rainbows are everywhere; literally. Even when we can’t see them the colors from the entire spectrum lurk in the light that flies by us as we walk through the day. Sometimes that light passes through a device of some sort – a cloud, a drop of water, a cut glass or a crystal prism – and allows us to enjoy a display of color only nature could paint.

Sometimes that painting is adopted as a symbol or illustration of a cause, memory or miracle.

…how God relates to human kind.

…a child that is carried to full term after one had been lost in the womb.

…from my own writing – how diverse the experience of gender can be

…the pride that is taken in living authentically in our sexuality and gender identity.

I wear my rainbows on my feet. I was given a pair of rainbow Converse that have become the unofficial uniform of my advocacy work. When ever I see them, the variety of meaning that comes with them keeps me pressing forward.

…my own relationship with God.

…a granddaughter that that I never got to meet.

…my own challenges with gender and identity.

…the amazing people I have met and come to love in the LGBTQ community.

rainbow crossSadly, there are still contrasts that those symbols represent. I laughingly refer to my left as the “pride shoe” and my right as the “promise shoe.” Sometimes as I walk down the street, inexplicably tripping over my own feet, I imagine my shoes in the same conflict I see playing out on the stage of life on a daily basis. Those of certain faith traditions take a moral high place while those in the LGBTQ community climb the pedestal of social justice. Both pointing fingers, both striving in their own minds to be the noblest reflection of humanity. Each one tripping the other as they go.

I’ve often described myself, and heard others do the same, as being too gay for “the Christians” and too Christian for “the gays.”

My vision of life and faith is one where our greater concern is for those who are too hungry for the fed, too naked for the clothed, and too exposed for the housed.

We need an adjustment of priorities as a people. The colors of the rainbow need to represent the light that touches all of us without discretion more than a symbol belonging to any one of us more than the other.

I hope that’s what you see when you look to the sky.

Or at my feet.



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