Private Liturgy: Pastors, Preachers, Parishioners

Private Liturgy: Pastors, Preachers, Parishioners


As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve spent all of my life engaged with the church on some level – much of that on a full time basis. I have seen and been part of the process of “preparing for Sunday” (or Saturday night, or Saturday morning as the case may be).

As a young child I remember the saga’s of getting our family out the door for church on Sunday’s. It became a tradition for Dad to make waffles while mom got my sister and I ready to go. For some reason it seemed harder than getting out the door for anything else. (Of course it’s a little easier in today’s church culture when I can take the kids in shorts and tee-shirts and not slacks and a tie).

Over the years, I have been hurt at or by the church. Much of that is my own doing and I’m working through sorting that out between me, God, and any others that may need to be part of the process. Some of that was the result conflicting visions, egos and personalities. Something else that I am working through is that thought that in my years of working with various ministries, I was also hurtful to others.

I give all that as a background to say that it is with a heavy but hopeful heart that I take Fridays to focus on praying for the process of “church” over the upcoming weekend; that preachers would be earnest in their study and presentation of scripture, that Pastors would have open hearts and compassionate minds, and that anyone who is planning (or maybe ought to be planning) to walk through the door of a worship center of any sort would be encouraged, challenged and changed as they do so.

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