Private Liturgy: Publishing (or Passion)

Private Liturgy: Publishing (or Passion)

I love to write. It has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember being able to hold a pencil. I’ve written songs, stories, poems (Oh my, the poems of my youth would put a perfectly healthy person into insulin shock!). As one who loves to write, I have also been drawn to writers. I’ve worked around the publishing business enough to have some understanding of the process, enough that when someone has a book coming out, a album releasing or even an article publishing, I am sympathetic to the range of emotion they may be experiencing.

Furthermore, when their content is more controversial in nature, the act of taking their stance public can open them up to a great deal of criticism. Any creative work is subject to critique; artists have to have thick skin. But when comments are aimed not just at the ability to communicate, but also at a core belief, the stakes get even higher.

So as I watched this happen recently on several levels, I just started praying for them. And eventually Wednesday became the day to do that. I inserted the option of “passion” here simply to make it more adaptable (with out sacrificing alliteration!). Make this a day to mentally and spiritually intercede on behalf of people that share a passion of yours – perhaps animal rescue? or outdoor sports? or an academic discipline? There are really no wrong answers here.

Psalm 37:4 says that if we delight in the Lord, He will give us the desire of our hearts. Passion is a God given, worthy emotion that can prompt us to act on His behalf, serve others, and enjoy life to it’s fullest. Why not take the time to engage your passion in conversation with the most passionate friend you will ever have?


(Gutenberg at work in his press shop)

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