Publishing "Shattering Masks"

Publishing "Shattering Masks"

IMG_2514I have a story to tell. It’s one of hurt, struggle, faith, family and affirmation. The reason I want to tell it is that I know there are still so many out there dying in the shadows who will relate to my journey and hopefully, with a little encouragement, step into the light. I know that there are also families, pastors, civic leaders, law makers and entire communities wrestling with this issue of what to do with people who are not like themselves.

“Shattering Masks” is a collection of short stories and essays about my journey toward breaking off my own masks and learning to be authentically me.

I’ve chosen to self publish this for many reasons. I am developing a plan and a vision for helping others who have been marginalized tell their stories. This is the first step and I need your help to take it.

Please visit my gofundme page and preorder the book, or make any size contribution you are willing and able.

Together, we can shine light in dark places. Together we can shatter the masks that are suffocating beautiful people around the world.


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