Q&A #8: Peer Reviews

Q&A #8: Peer Reviews

Q: Is your blog peer reivewed?

A: Short answer – no.

For the sake of clarification, “peer review” refers the process where one’s academic contemporaries review and validate or invalidate their work.  It’s the scholarly version of quality control. (Just imagine an “inspected by #6” sticker on the publication somewhere!) 

Please assume that anything and everything you read on the internet – espescially something labled a “blog” (short for “web log” incase you were wondering) is not peer reivewed. In other words, take it as the perspective and opinon of the writer. The only exceptions might be articiles published in academic journals, but us average internet junkies don’t usually have access to that material.

The question came up as a means to question my authority to interpret scripture as I have done in many of my posts. Just to clear that up: from a worldly, clerical perspective, I have no authority. Nor do I feel I need it. I do have a Bible education, and more importantly the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. I need no further authority. Accountibility I welcome, but need no authority other than Christ Himself.

As you may be able to tell from my spelling and grammar, my blog is not even peer edited, much less peer reviewed.

Other things that are not “peer reviewed”:

  • News Articles (unlike me, they are at least edited)
  • Your Pastor’s weekly sermon (though there may and should be some form of accountability)
  • Most of the books on the “self-help” shelf or Oprah’s reading list (is that even still a thing?)
  • Many of the “Bible-study” aides and weekly devotionals disributed by the millions
  • Wiki-anything

Having said all that – you’re my peers, just “review” me in the comments. (But send me an email if you want to edit my grammar!)

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