Q&A#3 – name

Q&A#3 – name

Where did your name come from?

O.K., I confess – no one has ever asked me this – and really why would they? However, I put a lot of thought into it so I’m going to answer the unasked question anyway. Picking a name is, after all, one of the best parts of the transgender journey!

“Laura” is a name I’ve always known would work for me. I think it may go back to my affinity for Laura Ashley when I was younger. It comes from the word “Laurel”, the plant used by Greeks and Romans for making wreaths to crown the heads of victors in sport and battle. I wanted a name to go with it that symbolized my new chance at a healthy life. Bethany is the town in the New Testament where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Together, they stand for a victorious new life!

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