Q&A#4 – about surgeries 

Q&A#4 – about surgeries 

What about surgeries? Have you had any? Do you plan to have any?

The need for surgery and other medical care is one of the differences between the “LGB” and “T” communities. There are several surgeries that transgender women often have. Some are more critical, some are considered “elective”. Among them are vaginoplasty (only a handful of surgeons in the US perform this), orchiectomy, breast enhancement, facial reconstruction, etc.

At the moment I don’t have any plans for surgeries. I have other hills to climb right now and am working hard at pacing myself. They are also incredibly expensive all through more and more insurance plans are starting to cover some of the more critical procedures. Unless we are really close, personal friends, you may not know before I have any prodedures. I may or may not publicize much on the medical front; “private parts” are still, well – private! In general if you meet a trans person, it’s not something to really ask about. Let them bring it up when and if they are comfortable with it.

I have had two surgeries this past fall, neither were directly related to the transition, but still beneficial. I had a testicular cyst that had to be removed and turned out to be a full bilateral orchiectomy. I also had multiple hernias repaired, which as it turns out were the cause of some long term chronic pain.

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