Question #9: Identity in Christ

Question #9: Identity in Christ

Q: Why the need to change your gender identity, when as a follower of Christ your identity is in Him?

A: This is actually a great question. If you have not been brought up in or exposed to an evangelical Christian culture, the idea of have an identity grounded in Christ may be foreign to you. If you have never experienced any sort of incongurency of gender identity or sexual orientation, the need for making adjustments in life accordingly will be foreign to you and hard to grasp.

If you have some level of awareness of both – hopefully you can appreciate my cunumdrum!

There are many things that shape my identity – parent, friend, gender, church, etc and ultimately my identity in Christ trumps them all. As evangelicals, we have driven home the idea of relationship over religion. The issue with a relationship is that it involves two people. I had to get a hold of me and know exactly what I was surrendering to Him. I had to surrender all of my preconceptions of self – including the efforts I made to identify as male – in order for God to be free to work in me and develop the Christlike identity He desires for me.

The challenge is not really that my gender identity is in conflict with my identity in Christ but rather that it was in conflict with my identity as an evangelical Christian. Don’t worry, the irony is not lost on me either.

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  1. This is exactly what our pastor said. I hadn’t ever heard that phrase before. I am not sure he was using it the same way and at that point we were probably not processing all of what he was saying. To you does it mean that Christ sees “you”, his child and not your gender? So sort of like “in Christ there is no Greek or Jew, no male or female?” (Paraphrase)

    1. For me personally to identify in Christ above all else means that I value that relationship the most. I am very aware of what he has done for me, I am very aware he created me to have fellowship with him and I firmly believe that relationship with survive through all eternity.
      The Galatians 3 passage is very relevant here – it is our faith in Christ that defines us first, not the “guardian” of the old law. How we relate to him in that faith, and how we carry that faith in there here and now is where our subsequent identities come into play.

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