Refinding Faith: Introduction

Refinding Faith: Introduction

(From April, 2014)

It has only been a few weeks since I came out as a transgender woman on even a limited scale. It has been years (actually decades) that I have known or suspected it myself, but only a short amount of time that I have embraced it and truly allowed others on the journey with me. In that short time my life has turned on edge. I have seen the brightness and darkness of both humanity and my own soul. Early on I knew I needed to be able to give account for my thoughts and decisions. This project is a result of that conviction.

My objective is to investigate the truth of what a Biblical perspective of a transgender identity truly looks like. The enormity of this project in the context of modern culture is not lost on me. This is a big topic and I don’t pretend to be offering a a definitive work in just these few pages. 

It should also be made clear that this project is intensely personal and the stakes are rather high. I am challenging some basic assumptions that I have held my entire life – assumptions that ultimately tie me to an entire support network. These include thoughts about how we were created and how we function, how we relate to God and He to us. The conclusions I draw have the potential of impacting not only my life, but my legacy as well. I doubt I have ever taken anything more seriously and with such a heavy heart as this.

The easiest way to accomplish my own objectives would be to simply realign my entire theological perspective within the realm of “Christendom.” The idea that our concept of God, and our relationship to him are dictated more by our experience than by any empirical truth could be a license to write my own ticket. Since the outcome of this project will essentially be a litmus test of my own spiritual integrity, a major shift of theology and interpretive style seems counterproductive. 

That being said, it is highly doubtful that I will be able to label myself as “evangelical” when all is said and done. I say that bearing in mind that “evangelical”, along with any other school of thought, is a theological and cultural movement created by men (see also Reformed, Protestant, Pentecostal, Catholic, mainline, emerging, etc. – I could go on ad nauseam!).  As such they are not boundaries that we have any Biblical obligation to honor. In fact, it is our ultimate responsibility before God to weigh the thoughts, habits and patterns of men against the truth of scripture and in the context of the Grace of Christ.

To that end, for the wholeness of myself and for that of those I love and cherish, I begin.

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