Shattering Masks

Shattering Masks

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Who am I? It’s a simple question. Yet most of my life the answer was incredibly elusive. So many elements of our experience blend together to ultimately create our core identity. As these pieces of me emerged, I found myself hiding them behind masks; masks intended to make me look exactly like everyone around me wanted me to look. It wasn’t until the strain of hiding pushed me to the edge that I began to peek at myself from behind the masks, to realize I am not responsible for the thoughts and opinions others hold of me. It was then the masks began to shatter. “Shattering Masks” is the story of how I came to reconcile my faith in God with living a genuine, authentic life.

“An insightful read through the eyes and behind the masks of one whose journey has seen many trials, Laura Bethany Taylor reveals her story in vignettes that describe the masks so many of us have lived with all our lives. With authenticity and vulnerability, Laura Beth shares her journey of identity, faith, and discovery as she shatters her masks and arrives more fully into her true self.” Amber Cartona, author of “Refocusing My Family

“Taylor is a powerful storyteller with an incredible story to tell. At the core, her story is the story of all of us…as we struggle to be real, honest, and givers-and-receivers of grace. She will teach, encourage, challenge, and inspire you.” John Featherston, author of “Never Alone Again

Reviews from Amazon:

“Shattering Masks…is an inspirational, heartfelt, emotionally raw and uplifting book about a woman’s journey through self-realization and authenticity.” – Nancy

“Laura Beth Taylor shows us that behind the masks we all have struggles and that what really matters is remarkably similar for all of us. I challenge you to let go of what you think you know about gender and identity and take a look at one person’s story.” – Kimberly

“Honest, thought-provoking, funny, and life-affirming, Laura Beth’s story gripped me from the get-go. It’s a great read for anyone who has struggled/ is struggling with figuring out just exactly who they are, and how they fit uniquely into our big diverse world.” – R.K.

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