Sophia Turns 100

Sophia Turns 100


We measure people by their age. We measure blogs by their volume. I’ve discovered is an important social skill to not get these confused. It’s OK to measure a blog by its age, but measuring people by their volume can be a MAJOR social misstep.

With this post, Sophia Sojourn is marking its 100th post! That’s a significant milestone of volume! It’s come a long way since my friend Rita suggested that I start a blog to capture my thoughts and adventures as I went through the challenges of divorce, transitioning gender, living on a boat, etc. The vision has evolved as has the audience. Some things are the same though: it’s still somewhat random, it’s still a key outlet for my thoughts and creativity, and it’s still mostly about me. I’ve only recently started to be more deliberate with key words and tags, opening the door to more access to search engines and other ways to find posts. I look forward to continuing to expand the way readers find me.

So with 100 posts, why the picture of a $1 bill, you may ask? Good question! The dollar represents 100 pennies – it may be only a dollar – not much compared to one hundred dollars – but it stands for so much more. Likewise the blog is now 100 posts of my thoughts on life, wisdom and my journey, but it represents thousands of thoughts and ideas and moments that I could never capture in words. I thought about creating a list of 100 things I like about blogging to commemorate this moment, but I decided to sum the hundred pennies up with a $1 thought:

I like blogging because it has helped me find my voice.

As I continue to write, I’ve realized all the ways I was giving my voice away; I was allowing people to speak for me, think for me and dictate the directions I was headed. Having a venue to express my own ideas, explore my own passions and authentically share my own struggles has helped me know even better who I am and who I am becoming. All very necessary for the journey I am taking. All very exciting for the life I desire to live.

So here are some highlights from the first 100 posts:

  • Total visitors: 1,200
  • Total Views: 5,500
  • Total countries viewed from: 19
  • Top 5 Posts:
    • The Serenicolon (134 views)
    • What Unites Us (107 Views)
    • We Say the Darndest Things to Our Kids (102 views)
    • Marching On (87 views)
    • Question #10: An excuse to sleep with men (82 views)
  • Most views in one day: 593 (May 6th)

Can’t wait to see what the next 100 has in store!

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