Sounds of a Sojourner – Marching On

Sounds of a Sojourner – Marching On

September is Suicide Prevention Month. In recognition of that, I’m posting this podcast of Marching On (follow the link for the text version). The post is also included in Chapter 5 of the soon to be released “Shattering Masks: Affirming my Identity. Transitioning My Faith.” You can see more about the September 24th release on the FB Page.

Finally if you or someone you know is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, please remember you are not alone. Find someone to talk to – therapist, pastor, family, friends. At the very least, reach out to one of the many hotlines available online or by phone, such as the Crisis Text Line or LifeLine.

One of our future objectives for Sophia Sojourn is to provide “change coaching” to help people through major life adjustments. Follow the blog or FB Page to keep up with more details as they come available.

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