Tanks and Tires – Summer Tour

Tanks and Tires – Summer Tour

One of my favorite scenes in an Indiana Jones movie (and there are many to chose from!) is when he is standing on the edge of a bottomless canyon and has to take a “leap of faith.” We’ve all taken them. They are scary. Sometime they work out. Sometime they don’t. But they are always worth it. Call it “nothing ventured, nothing gained” or “calculated risk,” these bold steps are often what launch us into our life callings and usher in our greatest moments of personal fulfillment and satisfaction.


I’m standing on that ledge again as I look down the road at releasing the book, launching Sophia Sojourn as a not-for-profit, and heading out this week on a tour of the midwest to love on my LGBTQ family and allies and hopefully encourage and educate people along the way.

Perhaps you are not in a place where you are ready to write a book, or don’t feel called to travel across the American plains in a tiring pick up truck, but have you ever wondered how you could be a part of the faith of someone else’s journey? Well, let me fill in the blanks for you!

I have two immediate needs: You can be a “Tire” or “Tank” sponsor for the trip!

Tire: I need two new tires for the truck. Two sponsors at $250 each will get the job done.

Tank: The trip will require roughly 10 tanks of gas. One tank will average $50. 10 sponsors at $50 each will get the job done.

(Click here to use Go Fund Me to be a sponsor.)

Also, Tank or Tire sponsors will get a free copy of the book! (If you’ve already reserved a copy, I’ll send an extra for you to share!)

Finally, you can join the Launch Team. Launch team members will get a free PDF of the book prior to release with the expectation that you will write a review on Amazon the day of the release and share the book an all your social media.

(Click here to sign up for the launch team.)

Spoiler Alert: Indiana didn’t fall into that canyon. I believe strongly in what I am doing for the church, for the LGBTQ community and for individuals I’m privileged to walk with through this crazy life. I don’t see myself falling in any canyons along the way either. It’s not going to be a joy ride, but I hope you will join me as I press forward!

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