The Hero That Almost Was

The Hero That Almost Was

Life in the marina has its oddities. For example, when I take a walk and track my progress on my Nike+ app, it often shows me walking on water. This is not a Jesus complex, just the fact that the docks don’t show up on the GPS. Also, when I’m out for a walk, I like to pay attention to the boats and the water and help bring attention to anything that may be out of place: a line that broke in a windstorm, a raft or bumper that’s gone adrift. I’ve contemplated whether or not this falls under my people pleasing tendencies, but am comfortable with the idea that this is just good citizenship as a member of a specialized community.

It was with that mindset that I was alerted to an object out in the lake while on a walk the other day. It was very windy and I spotted what appeared to be a boat drifting across the lake with the cover still on it. I assumed that it had broken loose from its moorings in the wind. I was attempting to reach the local tow service or the Coast Guard Auxiliary when I was able to flag down a man in a fishing boat. I pointed out the object, which had now drifted into a nearby cove, and he set off to investigate. Moments later, I saw him jetting across the lake, apparently having done nothing about the loose vessel.

I had proceeded along the shoreline toward the cove. Walking a bit more than a half mile out of my way, I was at great risk of pulling a muscle. Not from the extra walking, but from the excessive back patting I was giving myself. I observed the boat, I alerted the fisherman, I was going out of my way to rescue and secure it. Somebody somewhere was going to be very grateful. As Jerry Seinfeld once said, “My mother was right, I am a special human being.”

As I came upon the object, which had now been blown aground in the reeds, I finally saw what I had been chasing. Not a small boat, but a queen sized mattress. Still in the plastic cover.

Somewhere on the lake there is a fisherman mumbling under his breath about the crazy lady that needs a good set of binoculars.

Somewhere there is a delivery man scratching his head, certain they had loaded the right number of beds at the warehouse.

Somewhere there is someone who will not get the night’s sleep they were hoping for.

Nowhere, at least not my lake, is anyone wondering exactly where the wind took their boat.

The good news is that all federal laws were being properly observed. The tags were perfectly intact.

(I did call the city and suggest they bring a truck to come take it out of the lake!)


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