The Serenicolon

The Serenicolon

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I am very privileged to have found a local fellowship of Christians to whom I can intensely relate. Serenity Church is a recovery based church and it is full of people who, like me, have found themselves on the brink of loosing it all, finally saw how powerless we are over what tries to kill us, and by the grace of God spend each day just trying to do the next right thing. There is so much about the buzz around #ProjectSemicolon that we relate to that our fearless (though powerless) leader initiated an event around the topic.

Just to make sure you are up to speed, #ProjectSemicolon is a grass roots effort to bring awareness to mental health issues ranging from suicide and depression to self-image and addiction. The semicolon represents a point in the sentence, or in this case in a person’s story, when the author could have ended it but instead chose to keep moving forward.

At Serenity Church, we openly acknowledge Jesus Christ both as our higher power and as the author of our story. To give as many of us as possible an opportunity to share in an expression of that sentiment and acknowledge the past that has shaped us, Pastor John found a highly qualified tattoo artist and invited him to join us for few weeks for our Wednesday night meetings. After the meeting he offered semicolon tattoos at an extremely discounted rate. I have to say in my lifetime of attending and working with churches, planning and participating in outreach and other events, this is the first time I’ve seen an event of this type – and perhaps the most appropriate expression of faith and personal testimony that I have seen from a church.

One of the first things I noticed when I began attending Serenity was their quirky way of making things their own. We call ourselves “Serenitarians”, we have our own “Sereniliturgy”. While I have no explicit authority to speak on behalf of the church as a whole (remember – “powerless”), in my own mind the “Serenicolon” is truly the mark of our tribe.

May our stories carry ever on.

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