THIMBLE Well: Inquire

THIMBLE Well: Inquire

A major theme of the past year of my life has been “living the question”. I’ve been in a state of transition from wanting answers provided for me and expecting myself to be able to provide answers for others to focusing on the questions life poses and embracing the journey toward an answer (note: as I was editing I had to change the end of that sentence – what I originally wrote was “the answer”)

We should still be responsible for knowledge.  If an officer pulls me over for speeding and asks if I’m aware of the speed limit, I’m not going to sit there and embrace that question. I either know it or I don’t. Scripture encourages us to be ready to “give an answer for our faith”; in other words if someone asks why I hold certain beliefs or convictions, I should be able to explain myself to them. (It’s also noteworthy that scripture does not exhort me to be able to give an answer for your faith!) 

I’m not proposing a state of wreck-less and thoughtless exsistance, but rather one that allows me to draw my identity from life experience as I grow in wisdom and knowledge rather than attempting to define myself based on a specific set of facts, traditional thoughts and preconceptions.

Inquiring well is the emotional, intellectual and spiritual freedom to be and become all that God created in me. 


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