These last two elements are two of the hardest for me to get my head around. I struggle with them both very intensely and have suffered consequences from both areas.

Eating well. This has many implications for different people. From what we eat to when we eat to how much we eat, we are faced multiple times every day with the need for intentionality and self discipline over what we put in our mouths. I’ve been through stages in my life where just remembering to stop and eat was a challange. I’ve been through stages of immense sugar cravings. Right now my consumption challenge centers on my caffeine intake and proper hydration.

I’m not a fan of the “diet” – paleo, adkins, vegetarian or any other. I am a fan of purpose. There is a lot of valid controversy over our food supply; how it is grown, who is managing it and to what end. My goal is to know what I eat and why I eat and to make those decisions based on what is going to best equip me for my journey.


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