The whole world is in motion. One thing I love about being on the boat is the constant motion. When I spend the night somewhere ashore, I miss my floating cradle gently rocking me to sleep! There is always a duck swimming, a fish jumping, a bird flying and any number of other creatures that keep the landscape alive with motion.

This begs the question as to why we resist movement. Not business, but actually moving our muscles, bones and joints is a way that will keep them strong and healty. I know that some of you are more prone to be good about this than some others of us, but for me personally its a challenge.

Over the years I’ve worked on several means to keep me moving. Longer runs, CrossFit Workouts, weight training, etc. When I was recovering from the surgery (and even leading up to the diagnosis), I was introduced to restorative yoga. I’ve managed to keep up some of these exercises as part of my meditation times.

I’ve also been able to incorporate movement in to other things I love in life: walking the docks and checking on all the boats, getting out on the lake for some rowing – either relaxed or intense. As I continue to heal, I hope to do more. My goal is to combine the yoga and rowing for paddle board yoga. I’m waiting for the water to get a little warmer as I’m quite sure learning that will involve getting wet!

I always said I wasn’t much of a runner because no one was chasing me. Turns out time, age and my own body have been chasing me all along, begging for attention!


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