Throwback Thoughtday

Throwback Thoughtday

I recently reopened a notebook that was full of writings I thought were long since lost. These poems and prose are like little time warps that carry me back a couple of decades or so. It was a time when I believed I could write away any hurt, any painful memory or any broken heart. Perhaps I wasn’t totally wrong.

I’ll share some of them as time passes, starting with this one. I had titled it “For Kendra”. I remember Kendra, but I have no clue why I thought she needed this – or if I ever even sent it to her. I hope she is well whereever life has taken her. 

I do know that my 20 something self  would never have guessed that my 40 something self would have needed to be reminded of the inscription I wrote on the bottom of that page:  

“For Kendra”

I have sailed on vessels that carry two thousand men;
But need only a life vest when I’m drowning. 

I have flown in planes that could fly thousands of miles;
But need only a pillow to break my fall. 

I have seen lands vast and wide open;
But need only a place to lay my head. 

I have sung with choirs two hundred voiced strong;
But need only my voice to pray. 

I have seen gardens colorful, bright and ornate;
But need only one flower to enjoy the fragrance. 

I have broken bones,
But need only a broken heart to cry. 

I have known many people,
But only need to know one to love. 

I have contemplated, measured, studied and sought God;
But need only experience His love. 

(February 6, 1992)

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