Toothpaste and Memory Papers

Toothpaste and Memory Papers

I have a paper due this week on improving short term memory. True to my style I have discovered three ways to procrastinate writing that paper:

1) Perfect my recipe for home made toothpaste. Here it is:

3 parts Baking soda (for cleaning)

3 parts coconut oil (for whitening)

1 part almond extract (for flavor and germ killing)

1 part stevia (for taste – counters the baking soda)

1/2 part crushed cinnamon altoids (for flavor)

You can substitute other extracts for almond, as long as there is some level of alcohol in them. You can also add essential oils instead of the altoids. It’s a budget thing for me! The only down side is that it seems to be separating in the heat. I’m keeping it in the fridge.

2) Write a blog post on procrastination.

3) ….ummm….well, I guess I’d better get to the paper before I forget that too!

(Note: I did actually finish the paper before I posted this, lest my kids read this and I set a bad example. I’ve been working on the tooth paste for quite a while and I like this concoction. Very fresh and clean!) 

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