Trans 101

Trans 101


transymbolGender is complicated. If it were as simple as the color of a bow we had to pick for a baby shower gift, my life and the lives of many in our world would be much easier to navigate. Throughout my own journey of affirming my identity, I have assumed the task of helping others understand my journey as it intersects with theirs. Along the way I’ve learned a few things that help bring people, LGBT, allies and skeptics alike, closer to that understanding. I’m honored to be able to share a few of those thoughts with you here.

These pages are going to be under construction for a while. I’ll be adding more information, pictures, graphs, quotes, etc. as I have time to develop them.

If you identify as a trans person and would like to contribute to one of these topics, send me a message. If it is appropriate, I would be glad to incorporate your thoughts.

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